Commercial Audio Visual (AV) Systems

PROVIDING AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES TO New Brunswick (NB), Nova Scotia (NS), Newfoundland (NF), Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Labrador

The most regarded audio manufacturer’s in the world are first and foremost in a well-designed Commercial Audio System by 3D datacomm. Our professional approach to a client’s AV project, either big or small, will start with well-engineered equipment, where delivering an enhanced audio experience is always at the top of the list. With product lines in all categories, 3D datacomm will implement a world-class AV solution for any modern meeting space, conference room, or new building, Backed by a combined 50+ years of experience in the audio industry, 3D datacomm’s belief is always audio first, as an important message must be heard by its clients and in any newly designed space.