Digital Signage , Communications and Analytics

Digital Signage , Communications and Analytics

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3D datacomm has been a strategic partner of Omnivex for over 10 years. Omnivex is a platform that provides organizations with an intuitive and highly customizable solution that gathers data from different systems and sources, manipulates and distributes it in real time on displays or computer screens throughout the organization. Putting real time and relevant data in front of customers and employees provides the ability to change consumer and employee behavior to drive business results:

  • Display key performance indicators in real time. Drive employee behavior, and profitability, by linking their productivity and performance to actual real time results they can see.
  • Display corporate information throughout the organization to keep employees engaged and informed.
  • Display real time data on sales/operational metrics versus targets in front employees to give them the opportunity to make corrections in real time instead of looking back after month/quarter end.
  • Create forms and templates on mobile platforms that allow your employees to collect information and have it sent to a central repository in real time, e.g. safety or project checklists.

Doug Bannister , CEO, has fantastic vision on collecting Data to drive results. Let 3D help you get the most our most out of the data you are collecting to help your organization reach full potential. Read a great article by Doug here.

Are you struggling to keep your Digital Signage current and fresh? 3D can help look after the content for your Digital Signage System. 3D Connect can help integrate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Trip Advisor to your current screens to increase customer engagement. Please contact us today to see how we can enhance your signage!