Microsoft recently announced the next generation of Skype Room Systems ( ‘Project Rigel’) which are expected to revolutionise the meeting room experience using Skype for Business. Skype Room Systems offer organizations the ability to deliver an improved Skype video experience in meeting rooms at a cost-effective price.

A Skype Room System is a packaged solution that includes a Skype for Business compatible endpoint and a touch panel with an intuitive graphical user-interface (GUI). These Skype Room Systems are designed to enhance enterprise collaboration and enables users to join by a single touch, before entering a multi-party high-definition and content sharing experience. So whether you’re at home connecting from your device, or you’re in the office meeting room, everyone feels a part of the meeting.

There are many solutions from a variety of manufactures that help groups of people utilize Skype for Business. Please contact us to help optimize the design, implementation, and most importantly the training of your employees to utilize this technology.

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