Learning Spaces

The simplest description of a SMART board would be

Interactive Whiteboard

Create inspiring classroom experiences. Connect students, lesson content and devices to create interactive experiences that elevate outcomes. Our interactive displays and learning software are purpose-built, grounded in research and insights gathered from millions of educators around the world.

Transform static content into interactive lessons with SMART Learning Suite

Lesson delivery, formative assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities combined into one ultimate education software suite. The suite includes both a desktop and online experience.


SMART Notebook® software for Windows and Mac comes with lesson creation tools, subject specific features and endless ways to wow students in any grade level.


Lumio is the digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices.


The importance of hearing



If you can’t hear your instructor clearly, time spent in the classroom is wasted. It’s that simple.

Many kids are missing out when it comes to education because they’re not hearing their teachers clearly. Even those at the front of the class can have difficulty hearing every word in an environment that’s often noisy. Classroom audio technology by FrontRow can help!

FrontRow Classroom Sound Systems can solve problems that you may not know you have. Specifically, that up to 25% of what an instructor says in a classroom isn’t event registered by students. If we look at research for students closer to the back of the room, that number is even higher! Closer to 40! Almost of half of that teachers instruction, completely missed.

We owe it to our kids to give them the best chance at school. FrontRow Classroom Audio, utilizing FrontRow Microphones can drastically improve children’s ability to hear clearly no matter where they sit in the classroom.


The Tech Tub2®

Lock. Charge. Go.

The Tech Tub2® family offers an affordable, flexible and mobile solution.

Copernicus Tech Tub2® is an affordable solution that will brighten any space! These units are flexible, mobile and lockable. Perfect for charging and storing electronic devices used in a classroom environment. They can store and charge 11″ Chromebooks and Ipads or a combination of both. All in one tub.


Mobile Solutions for



Here you will find our iRover2® Carts and Easel for Interactive Flat Panels, robotics storage solutions as well as our Tech Tub2® family of device storage and charging solutions.





How do we push the boundaries of a schools gym environment? How do we take both physical and traditional education to a whole new level? LU has the answer.

Physical activity utilizing giant video games and interactive lighting allows students to play along and enjoy themselves without even realizing how intensely they’re exercising.

Learning passively, while seated in a classroom, isn’t the only way. We believe that integrating learning lessons and interactive games we can offer a NEW approach to learning that allows the development of multiple skills at the same time.

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