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Everything You Need to Know About Lü Interactive

Technologies like projectors and, more recently, touch-enabled smart boards are tools that many academic teachers have relied on for decades to help their students learn more efficiently and stay engaged. In fact, …

Role virtual / augmented reality in education / training

Virtual reality update.

Even though the promise of VR has been hyped, there are now signs that adoption is gaining traction.

This article looks at many different fields using VR/AR in geography, history, police training and others.


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Top 6 Educational Technology Trends Right Now

For the first post of 2022, I would like to welcome you all back to the Buzz…

These six trends are going to be affecting us as time goes on.This article looks at the six trends that are emerging in …

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint in 2022

This will be the last post of 2021, returning the week of January 10th.

Quite often, presenters get too involved in their points and the result os a presentation so messed up it has spawned the phrase ”Death by PowerPoint”. …

Kramer partners with Zignage to create instant alerts management solution

This new partnership between Kramer Electronics and Zignage offers a unique solution towards mass alerts in emergency situations. 


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AV Checklist: An Audio Visual Guide for Event Planners

If you are involved in managing a large meeting space, this is an excellent summary of what meeting planners are using to evaluate your space. Also, I could help you in deciding where there should be investment to upgrade your …

Room sound control – Large spaces

Quite often, renovated buildings or additions create annoying echo and increases the noise factor in a space. This article offers several approaches to addressing the issue.


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Meeting room solutions for hybrid work

This article presents us with nine robust and effective meeting room solutions that should be considered when implementing UCC.


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5 Things We Learned About Digital Signage During the Pandemic

This article explores five areas of digital signage that have been impacted by the current situation. This makes for an interesting read as it evens questions the value of touch interfaces…

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