Jabra PanaCast 50

Jabra is launching this unique videoconferencing appliance that offers a 180 degree view, as well as many other enhancements. A totally unique product. This is pre-sales but the site offers insight in the advanced functionality of this new product.

This …

Omnivex Digital Guide

Digital Signage can be difficult with so many options / solutions. Omnivex has just published a new Digital signage prep guide that will take you through the steps of having a unique and coherent digital signage strategy.Take me to

Pexip Health award

Pexip announces the winning of the Med Tech Breakthrough Award. This solution now powers over 600,000 doctor / patient visits per week. The impact on our medical system will be felt throughout the world.  Pexip award

Shure Barco collaboration

Shure and Barco have teamed up to offer unique  conferencing solution. In this post, you will explore the unique value proposition that is possible using Shure/Barco wireless conferencing options.Read the article

The Creston evolution

This history white paper illustrates how Creston has evolved from it’s original hardware based plan into a full integrated collaboration environment.  Read the article

Projection based digital signage evolution

Up to now, the conventional norm for digital signage was the idea that screens could be used in various ways to entertain/inform the audience. The new Panasonic track mount projection permits digital signage combined with realty to offer a unique …

Agility Battery Motor Screen option

This is your chance to see this new product. Dalite is offering a new motorized screen option that can be installed without electrical power wires being required. this option is ideal for no-fuss installations or where flexibility is required to …

Conferencing mistakes (TED talk)

TED’s Top Speaking Coach Says These Are the 3 Biggest conferencing (Zoom – Teams – Pexip) Mistakes People Are Still Making. Read this to get a better appreciation of fighting Zoom Fatigue.




World wide auction site digital signage

See how Tattersalls moved from a simple on-site solution to a worldwide auction center. Their adoption allows this auction house to hold live events in real time on a world wide basis.



Read the article

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