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Everything You Need to Know About Lü Interactive

Technologies like projectors and, more recently, touch-enabled smart boards are tools that many academic teachers have relied on for decades to help their students learn more efficiently and stay engaged. In fact, many studies have shown that utilizing these types of educational tools increases student focus and productivity overall. If this is the case, then why are there no similar tools for physical education instructors to help their students not only stay active but enjoy working up a sweat? For years, this gap continued to widen as technologies geared towards academic instructors increased with little to no progress on the physical education side. That is, until the introduction of Lü Interactive into schools across Canada changed how students, teachers, principals, and school boards approach educational instruction forever. So, read on to learn everything you need to know about Lü Interactive and how it helps students reach their academic goals faster.

What is Lü Interactive?

Lü Interactive, or simply Lü, is an integrated audio visual device that transforms any space into an active and immersive educational environment where kids are engaged physically, intellectually, and socially-emotionally. It was designed to address the disparity between educational technologies available for academic teachers versus physical education instructors, and it has been pushing the boundaries of a school’s gym environment ever since. One of the main goals of Lü is to get students moving and learning without them even realizing. This is accomplished by having hundreds of apps specifically created to help students move their bodies and utilize their brains. Furthermore, this is an open platform meaning teachers can create their own applications for learning and even share them across the platform for other instructors to use in their classrooms.

How Does Lü Work?

Lü is an intuitive learning system that, once set up, is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Each system includes a high-definition laser projector, movement detection camera, powerful sound system, and fully automated multi-coloured lighting system to create immersive magical environments. There are three different Lü options available, Lü ÜNO, Lü DÜO, and Lü MOBILE, so before installation, you’ll need to decide which size of Lü is best for your needs. Lü ÜNO is a ceiling-mounted single-wall configuration recommended for smaller spaces like single gyms or recreational rooms. On the other hand, Lü DÜO features a permanent double-wall configuration making it perfect for schools or double gymnasiums. Finally, Lü MOBILE is ideal for any time you’ll need to be moving the device, such as an instance where you share the technology or at places like after-school care or recreational centers.
Once you’ve determined what size is best for your needs, it’s time to call our experts at Audio Visual Solutions so that we can come and set up the device for use. Not only will we set it up, but we are also in charge of training users and providing additional support where needed. Ultimately, Lü is a well-tested cross-curricular tool that will interest students and help them learn educational concepts while also staying physically active.

Why Do You Need Lü?

Beyond its ease of use and efficiency in delivering educational instruction in a fun way, one of the biggest strengths of Lü is its ability to add value to the teacher’s curriculum by leaning into multi-disciplinary learning. For example, suppose the teacher breaks students up into two groups and, using one of the built-in apps, asks them to throw balls at the wall in correspondence with answering math questions. Now, this activity accomplishes a few things. Not only are students engaging in calculations, which math can be one of the most challenging subjects to foster engagement and participation, but they are also learning to work together as a team while honing their fine motor skills by having to throw the balls to answer the questions accurately. Plus, once the balls have bounced away, they need to run and grab them as quickly as possible to throw them to answer the questions accurately before the other team finishes – adding a healthy dose of competition and movement to the activity.
Many instructors have noted that Lü is the perfect device to engage students who might not be interested in the traditional team or competitive sports. However, Lü is flexible, meaning some apps emphasize the importance of teamwork, such as the example above, or there are also opportunities for solo or individual play and learning. This type of flexibility is critical because, as we know, everyone learns differently. For example, some students are more visual or auditory learners, while others are hands-on and need to try it out for themselves. Since Lü was designed by educators for educators, the system includes a diverse and growing portfolio of curriculum-based applications covering all subject matters that are constantly updated and highly customizable to fit the needs of your local curriculum or age group.

Besides Schools, Who Else Can Benefit from Lü?

When you think of educational tools, we often automatically think of the classroom. And while formal learning is typically accomplished in a traditional classroom setting, it’s not the only option. Every day our children are also undergoing lessons in informal training that extend beyond the classroom and can be seen throughout many aspects of their life. Think things like developing their socio-emotional skills, learning to communicate with their peers, and better understanding themselves. Therefore, aside from the obvious pedagogical uses, Lü can also be used for various other purposes, including informal instruction at institutions like the YMCA, day homes, and recreational centers or even for cinema-quality movie nights, dance parties, or professional presentations. Furthermore, the Lü technology has been created with flexibility in mind, meaning something like the Lü MOBILE could be an excellent investment for a school board district that shares the device across several institutions.

Final Thoughts

The education of our children is always at the forefront of our minds, so why not make learning a bit more engaging, interesting, and interactive by integrating a Lü system from our experts at Audio Visual Solutions? Ideal for schools, recreational centers, and anywhere else that learning takes place, it’s the perfect tool to help re-invigorate curriculums, make learning more inter-disciplinary, and encourage education through participation and entertainment. So, reach out to our specialists at Audio Visual Solutions today and let’s help you bring the fun back into functional learning.

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