Dongles, Clicks, and Collaboration

Any one of us who uses technology in our day-to-day lives recognizes that one of the main principles in getting the job done with excellence in 2022 is collaboration. In business, or education when the task is shared, we improve the results. With that in mind, let’s introduce ClickShare by Barco. Barco is a large international company. They produce high-end movie projectors—which is their core business—and high-intensity LED walls along with this ClickShare product, first introduced about ten years ago and recently gaining in popularity as a “one-click wonder.”

ClickShare is literally “one-click” collaboration which can transform a regular meeting room into a hub of cooperation and sharing in a matter of minutes. Once set up—with a box (or Base Unit) connected to your network—guests can join a “virtual meeting” in seconds, then share wirelessly from a personal laptop or similar device—such as a ClickShare app-equipped smartphone or iPad—on an agnostic system supporting PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. BYOD (bring your own device) has become the most efficient sharing tactic, considering that employees are using devices familiar to them. Guests can be in the same room or connect remotely with equal access to documents, videos, and illustrations.

No longer do we see meeting participants spinning laptops to the perfect angle on the table and inviting team members to crowd around in order to see it. Laptop feeds are shared to the main display in the meeting room with one click. That’s right, one click. The beauty of the system is that it works with your existing room set-up of displays, speakers, and microphones. And you can still run your meeting using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other platform of your choice!

The Barco dongle plugs in to your laptop through USB and within about seven seconds, you are connected to an in-room microphone, camera, and speakers. Everything on the laptop can be shared on meeting room displays and heard using the professional speakers and microphones in the room. It does not matter whether it’s a Huddle Space, a small board room, or a large meeting room. Once you have grabbed the dongle from its storage basket and plugged it in, you can literally join and share with one click!

The dongle itself is equipped with a conferencing button and a quick-share button, which lights up in white to let you know you are connected to the system and then changes to red when you are actually sharing. Then one click of the button would put you back to white again.

Most first-time observers wonder at the size and design of the ClickShare dongle, of which several are provided for meeting participants and guests. The rationale is to prevent the dongle from being removed inadvertently from the meeting room once the meeting is over. When you stand away from the table and grab your laptop, the dongle on its cord will be more than obvious, ensuring you return it to the storage basket on the meeting room table.

ClickShare allows you to turn your meeting rooms into a wireless video collaboration site for in-office and remote workers. This meeting technology turns the challenge of collaboration into an opportunity for excellence through shared ideas and strategies. Company meetings can be as smooth and effortless as any face-to-face meeting.

ClickShare removes the stress of time wasted waiting for speakers and microphones to be connected and videos to be set up. Another plus is the fact that participants need no extra training to learn the system. The USB is plugged in; then click and share.

There are several different options when purchasing the Barco ClickShare system. At the low end are the C-5 and C-10 options, both of which are “wireless sharing of content only.” The CX-20, CX-30, and CX-50 handle wireless content sharing and enable conference calls as well as multiple feeds to the same display simultaneously, when more than one is connected and ready to share. When the second feed is added, the display is split in two. Up to four images can be displayed as multiple participants share to the same common screen.

All of the above options are ideal for companies that need flexibility in how and where they meet with people. No longer do all meetings take place entirely in the office. There is a ClickShare product for every scenario.

IT managers love it! As a wireless videoconferencing system, installation is a simple 10-minute process and is very intuitive. This allows IT managers to focus on the more complicated challenges that face them every day.

Surveys of millennials show that approximately 77% of employees think that meeting rooms should always be equipped for videoconferencing. ClickShare is the way to go in order to plan and prepare for the modern workforce. It is sure to improve the efficiency of employees and guests in the present-day digital workplace.

Guests to your place of business may participate in team meetings. They can take their own devices into your meeting room and participate along with your staff. Employees can meet, close deals, and brainstorm with guests knowing that all communication is secure and encrypted.
When meetings are over and the meeting room is not being used for presenting or conferencing, the displays can be used as a digital signage platform used to inform workers and guests of important announcements, policies, and upcoming events. Or simply post the company calendars on the screen. You decide; just click and share whatever you wish until the start of the next meeting!

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