How Sony is Solving the Post-Pandemic Presentation Problem

COVID-19 has transformed how companies and educational institutions provide high levels of interactivity while meeting the need for safe, hybrid environments.
Sony’s flexible, hands-free hybrid solutions help institutions build touchless hybrid meeting spaces. They also give students instant access to …

Dongles, Clicks, and Collaboration

Any one of us who uses technology in our day-to-day lives recognizes that one of the main principles in getting the job done with excellence in 2022 is collaboration. In business, or education when the task is shared, we improve …

Consumer TVs and Commercial Displays: What is the Difference?

Why should I buy a commercial display rather than a consumer TV? This topic is so timely because a lot of commercial clients will look at our designs and tell us that they understand the need for commercial-grade cameras or

LED Walls

We are all aware of how quickly technology is progressing, and we just get used to the new way of doing things in any given area and BOOM! It’s bigger, better, brighter, and faster than ever!

If you have ever

Lü Interactive

Everything You Need to Know About Lü Interactive

Technologies like projectors and, more recently, touch-enabled smart boards are tools that many academic teachers have relied on for decades to help their students learn more efficiently and stay engaged. In fact, …

Role virtual / augmented reality in education / training

Virtual reality update.

Even though the promise of VR has been hyped, there are now signs that adoption is gaining traction.

This article looks at many different fields using VR/AR in geography, history, police training and others.


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Room sound control – Large spaces

Quite often, renovated buildings or additions create annoying echo and increases the noise factor in a space. This article offers several approaches to addressing the issue.


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Meeting room solutions for hybrid work

This article presents us with nine robust and effective meeting room solutions that should be considered when implementing UCC.


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Summer pause – August to September

The team is taking a well deserved rest and there will be no posts from today to September 7th. we will be spending the month preparing content for the next year.

Thank you very much for the attention paid this …

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