Integrating Microsoft Teams Rooms into Your Office Structure

Throughout the pandemic, reliance on digital conferencing platforms to carry out routine daily tasks, such as work or schooling, skyrocketed nearly overnight. And although many companies were using digital conferencing platforms to hold meetings and events way before the pandemic, COVID-19 and the subsequent rules, including social distancing, brought these platforms directly into the mainstream spotlight. Now, pretty much everyone has heard about or is familiar with platforms like Zoom, Vimeo, or Microsoft Teams Rooms. But which platform is really the best for corporate companies looking to keep their employees connected and their business plans streamlined? Today, we’re going to dive into all things Microsoft Teams Rooms and explore what they are, why they are so popular, and why you need to begin understanding and integrating Microsoft Teams Rooms into your office structure. 

What are Microsoft Teams Rooms? 

Microsoft Teams Rooms are a high-quality audio visual tool for video conferencing rooms powered by Microsoft and Microsoft Teams. It’s important to note that Microsoft doesn’t make Microsoft Teams Rooms; instead, they certify manufacturers that make the hardware that goes into the room. Poly (formerly Polytech), Logitech, and Yealink are a few of the biggest companies certified by Microsoft to make these devices that work with the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience. Essentially, Microsoft Teams Rooms is a device for your meeting room that allows you to join any videoconference calls quickly and easily you might have with employees, clients, investors, or other business relations.

Why use Microsoft Teams Rooms? 

Microsoft Teams Rooms is one of the leading digital conferencing platforms in terms of ease of use, efficiency, simplicity, and reliability. One of the best features is called ‘one-touch join,’ which streamlines the entire video conferencing process and makes connecting with your team, clients, or business partners easier than ever. Now, you no longer have to bring your own device, struggle to get it hooked up to the speakers or other technology, and then work through any technical difficulties that always seem to pop up. Instead, you can walk into the meeting room, click one button on the Microsoft Teams Rooms touch panel, and automatically connect to your video call. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams Rooms’ simplicity and ease of use can also be seen in the scheduling and reminder processes integrated into the platform. For example, suppose you need to schedule a meeting with one of your sister locations but don’t have time to check the meeting calendar to see what times are available. Once you select a time to use the room, Microsoft Teams Rooms will automatically accept or decline the invitation based on availability. So, if you receive a decline, you know you need to reschedule for a different available time, or if you’re accepted, then your meeting gets added to your calendar, and a reminder gets sent beforehand to make sure you’re ready to go. Then, once again, you can walk in, press one button, and be ready to go on the meeting day. 

Finally, because Microsoft Teams Rooms are certified by Microsoft, they must meet certain audio and visual standards. Therefore, the systems are customizable to your needs and available space, meaning some are meant for small rooms, and some are meant for larger rooms. In addition, there is no limit on the type of room you can deploy the system in, making it perfect for any sized corporation, whether they’re small, medium, or large. 

Why Microsoft Teams Rooms Versus Other Options? 

Any time you bring your laptop, phone, or other device into a meeting room (BYOD), there’s an extremely good chance that you’ll become distracted, want to check a quick email, or try to multitask while you’re there. Microsoft Teams Rooms eliminates the need for bringing these devices into the meeting in the first place, meaning your sessions can be more focused and productive. Furthermore, as mentioned above, you don’t have to spend the first few minutes of the meeting troubleshooting, trying to get audio connected, or making sure your laptop is plugged in. Instead, you get to just walk in, click a button, and begin. 

Another amazing feature that Microsoft Teams Rooms has is the option to join the meeting through your phone. For example, say you’re running late and hop into Microsoft Teams on your phone, then when you’re close enough to a Microsoft Teams Room, your phone will prompt you to transfer over to the room. But, it doesn’t just toss you into the room. There’s a built-in logic to this feature where it will allow you to join the room but mute your audio so that you don’t cause any interruptions or unwanted distractions by your tardiness. 

Lastly, something that Microsoft Teams Rooms has but many other digital conferencing platforms don’t is the ability to wirelessly share from your phone or laptop. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to have our devices in a meeting, so why not make it work to your advantage by using this feature to share new statistics, analytics, or information with your colleagues? 

Final Thoughts 

Microsoft Teams Rooms are the perfect digital conferencing solution for businesses of all sizes and models. It’s a great tool for regular, in-office companies to use to stay interconnected, but it can also work just as well for hybrid or work-from-home models. Plus, since it’s a Microsoft system, it’s easily integrated into your current network, meaning your IT professional doesn’t have to go out and learn a new protocol. So, if you’re tired of the pre-meeting hookup hassle, frustrated with unfocused or distraction-filled meetings, and are looking for a solution – Microsoft Teams Rooms are your answer.

Our team at Audio Visual Solutions swears by the efficiency, simplicity, and reliability of Microsoft Teams Rooms, which is why we use them exclusively for our own digital conferencing and communication needs. But we don’t only utilize it for ourselves; we also install, educate, and support companies looking to incorporate this technology into their business structures. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams Rooms and how to integrate them into your corporate practices, reach out to one of our experts today! Our general inquiry number is (866) 461-6622, or feel free to book a discovery call on our website today at 

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