The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths Revealed

You can find and hear lots of advice about training dogs and sometimes you have to wonder if it's all true. When you look into the research, you'll find some of the most common advice debunked. Below, you'll see 10 of the biggest dog training myths revealed.


You can't teach an old dog new tricks

This popular saying is not based in reality as many shelter or older adoptions have proven this to be false. Older dogs may be easier to be trained as they are past their "teenage stage."


Dogs grow out of behaviors

Toddlers may grow out of throwing tantrums or sucking their thumbs, but dogs will not. If your dog does something you don't like, an action is required in the form of good training. If you let your dog continue to do it, you'll just allow him to form his habit.


You can train your dog not to have accidents by rubbing his nose in it.

This medium is a very popular myth. Your dog won't understand what you want, and belated punishment isn't effective with dogs. Other strategies are necessary to train your dog to go outside. By using this method, you may just encourage him to hide his doo doo inside to avoid the punishment.


You must dominate your dog

The alpha macho idea is based upon assuming that dogs act like wolves in a pack. Apart from the fact that dogs are domesticated and much different from their very distant relatives, humans are not dogs, and dogs recognize this. Dogs are looking for safety and security from us.


Some breeds are smarter than others

Research has shown that dog intelligence isn't linked to their breed.


Puppies younger than 6 months old can't be trained

This is one of the most important of the 10 biggest dog training myths to be revealed. As soon as it's safe for a puppy to be separated from his mother, training can begin. This will avoid struggling to train a teenage-stage dog.

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Positive reinforcement only works for easygoing dogs

Positive reinforcement works with all dogs, especially the typically aggressive.


Food is bribing

Is a great way to communicate with your dog, and you can slowly remove it as your dog achieves behaviors you'd like. It can eventually be replaced with praise.


Positive training means no discipline

This training style does not equate permissiveness. This training style uses guidance in other forms such as time-outs and ignoring negative behaviors to encourage the dog to exhibit positive behaviors.


Dogs that can't learn a behavior are stubborn

When considering stubbornness, this is a human trait. What we need to do is discover why the dog isn't listening - either they don't understand, the request causes them pain or they are feeling scared.These ten biggest dog training myths revealed show us that dogs are smart, loyal animals who look to us to care for them. They will also care for us in more ways than we know.


For more information on dog-training and handling behavior, as well as a plethora of how to for advanced training and obedience work (very handy for all breeds!) take a look at Doggy Dan: it's packed full of valuable information, straight from the mouth of an experienced dog-trainer.

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