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3D datacomm is pleased to be Atlantic Canada’s foremost provider of commercial audio visual (AV) systems.

These systems are custom designed to suit any requirement and are engineered to deliver a superb audio visual experience. Video Walls, for example, are gaining popularity as the price of commercial grade panels decrease in cost and grow in size. Projector based systems, depending on your requirements, can also be a cost effective solution. The audio portion of your AV system is also very important and 3D datacomm is proud to work with some of the biggest and best audio & video equipment manufacturers in the world. The combination of audio and visual components you choose depends on your unique situation.

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The professionals at 3D datacomm can help you to decide on the best av setup for your particular case. We’ll take into account how many hours per day the system will be in use, the distance from the viewers, local lighting conditions, the content you’d like to display as well as the required level of interactivity to deliver a solution that will provide impressive results for years to come. Let 3D datacomm help you create a stunning video wall for your next project.

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For large and flexible event spaces, Auditoriums, Cafetoriums, Council Chambers, Town Halls, and other types of large spaces. Starting with proven design, we utilize the latest technologies to provide ease of use and consistent stable experiences.




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Physical activity utilizing giant video games and interactive lighting allows students to play along and enjoy themselves without even realizing how intensely they’re exercising.

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