Everything You Need! In a Box!

“Box AV” is a division of 3D Audio Visual Solutions. Basically, it’s an online store for audiovisual equipment. Many people in today’s world love to shop online and are much more comfortable online. Box AV provides a quick way to get your price and get your order fulfilled in a very timely manner without all the person-to-person contact of in-store or telephone shopping.

There was a need, particularly at the beginning of Covid in March and April of 2020 to get a simple but professional, high quality audiovisual experience at the office or at home. That’s why Box AV happened during Covid when people began looking for solutions online while in lockdowns and isolation.

Why Box AV? The concept is, Everything You Need, in a Box! An audiovisual installation in a box, to be specific. Box AV produces six different lines. We started with “Executive Office in a Box”. In March of 2020 many people were struggling as they started working from home. They may have been working at a kitchen table with an outdated laptop, using a cheap microphone and speakers, and the quality of the camera may have been questionable as well. The whole concept of working from home was totally foreign to most people.

We joked in March and April of 2020 that we had a great tour of Canadian ceilings, as people got used to webcams, Zoom, Skype and other similar programs. Most people didn’t know what they were doing with the technology. The greatest challenge seemed to be getting one’s image centred on camera for a video conference.

We were getting calls asking “Where do I start? How do I navigate this?” We knew the principles of what makes a quality video conference and hybrid communication. So, we came up with Box AV, where we could provide everything required in a box. It could be “Office in a Box”, “Boardroom in a Box”, “Virtual Classroom in a Box”, or “Home Office in a Box”. We wanted to keep it very simple, but we wanted high quality components. We call it Pro AV, including high quality cameras, microphones, headsets, speakers, hubs, and displays.

“Executive Office in a Box” includes a 49-inch curved Samsung display. It is like having three screens in one. You can open multiple windows, all at once which means less inputs, less wires, and less mess on your desk. The desk provided with “Executive Office in a Box” is an Ergotron sit-stand desk. We see the sit-stand desks in most offices nowadays. Either the whole desk or a portion of it goes up and down providing health benefits from being able to alternate standing and sitting during the day while continuing to work at the computer. Most of today’s office workers do not want to remain seated for the entire day!

The Ergotron arm allows you to swing your display in, out, and around 360 degrees to get good quality shots of you when you are presenting in a video conference call. No more presenting images of the floor or ceiling!

To our surprise when the Box AV options hit the market, people were ordering two at a time. We later found out that many people wanted to recreate their home experience at the office or vice versa.

Depending on your budget, you may opt for the “Junior Office in a Box”, which is our entry level executive office set-up, and does not include the 49-inch curved monitor. This option includes two smaller monitors of approximately 34 inches.

“Boardroom in a Box” is a perfect setup for an office manager or IT manager who is tasked with setting up a board room and doesn’t know where to start. This option provides a good size display of 55”, 65”, or 75” and then an all-in-one video bar with built-in microphone, camera, and speakers. It also comes on a cart, which you can wheel from office to office.

The virtual classroom in a box includes a small, touchscreen, high-quality headset, and camera which is ideal for hybrid learning. Getting its start during Covid, this remote audiovisual or hybrid learning is being used more and more often in our schools. We get many inquiries from all areas of Canada about the availability of “Virtual Classroom in a Box” as well as many of the peripherals that teachers are asking for in order to add functionality to their classroom set-up.

One of our strategies as we began the Box AV line of products, was to produce super-easy instructions so that no courses would be needed in order to understand the setup of the boxed products. Box AV provides colour-coded, detailed instructions, as well as professional-quality assembly videos which are also included in the box!

Along with your Executive Office in a box, customers receive the Box AV Promise:
Commercial Grade Components Tested and Approved by Professionals
3-year Warranty
HD Video
Crystal-Clear Audio
Speedy Tech Support to optimize your Executive Office in a Box experience
Ergonomic Design

Whichever option you choose, it truly is everything you need, IN A BOX!

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